Information Screen Saver
Key Features


ISS allows you to schedule multimedia files on your PC as a desktop screensaver.

Add images, videos and Flash animations to your screensaver which will be played in sequence for the duration you select. Insert scrolling banner messages to appear with text of your choice.

ISS works on any Windows based workstation.


ISS Enterprise offers central managment of multiple workstation screen saver media display. From your administrative console schedule and submit media items and ticker messages to your corporate workstations. Each workstation ISS is installed on will download and playback the media from the central ISS server.

Control 1 or 100's of screen savers media content from one machine

Ensure all workstations are branded with your corporate media when unattended



Windows 7 Screen Saver Interface

ISS General Configuration

Schedule Media

Schedule Messages

Information Screen Saver Editions

ISS is available in two editions.

Home Edition - a free standalone installation with no central managment

Enterprise - centrally managable screen saver




MSI Installer
WMV Support
AVI Support
MPG Support
SWF Support
FLV Support
Unlimited Media Items
Custom Ticker Messages
Unlimited Ticker Messages
Dual Monitor Support
Stretch Modes
Media Mute
Drag & Drop Interface
Failure Detection and Recovery
Central Management of all Screen Savers
Automated Media Distribution
Bandwidth Efficent
Price Free POA

Information Screen Saver
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